Alloyweld Inspection Co., Inc., Aerospace Industries, Bensenville, IL
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Welding / Brazing / Stress Relieve

Alloyweld Inspection is your multi-faceted partner helping you ensure the integrity of your products. Our on-site welding and brazing facility is just one more resource available to get that job done. Operated by our highly experienced and qualified personnel, they’re ready to meet your most demanding parts and production challenges. Our welding and brazing is performed on nearly all base metal types and alloys that you might require. For your convenience, each of these precision processes is available for quick turnaround scheduling. In addition, Alloyweld performs welding inspection, welder qualification, weld procedure development and qualification. We work with numerous ASTM, MIL-standards, AWS & ASME-approved procedures, as well.

• Welding: MIG, TIG, Plasma and Orbital
• Brazing: Torch Brazing and Silver Solder
• Stress Relieve: Recirculating hot-air oven, aging, and embrittlement relief

For maximum convenience and consistent quality, we offer a variety of ASTM and MIL-spec-approved finishing services with the capability of handling small to large production runs.
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