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Non-Destructive Testing

We believe that the integrity of any business is only as reliable as the integrity of its products. That’s why Alloyweld Inspection offers the most comprehensive range of non-destructive testing methods available to our industry today. From physical and visual NDT testing, to state-of-the-art 3D computed tomography, we take all measures to help critical industries, like yours, confirm the dependability of every product and process through the most non-evasive methods.

• Radiography: Film Radiography, Digital CR & DR and 3D Computed Tomography
• Positive Metal Identification: X-Ray Fluorescence
• Liquid Penetrant Inspection: Fluorescent & Visible Dye, Water Washable & Post Emulsified
• Magnetic Particle Inspection: Multi Vector Fluorescent & Dry Powder
• Ultrasonic Inspection: C-Scan Data Acquisition Immersion & Contact
• Visual Inspection: Normal & Microscopic
• Electrical Conductivity
• Pressure Testing: Hydrostatic, Pneumatic & Helium Leak Testing
• Magnetic Permeability

For maximum convenience and consistent quality, we offer a variety of ASTM and MIL-spec-approved finishing services with the capability of handling small to large production runs.

Mission Statement "It is policy to provide consistent, uniform, and timely testing, welding and metal finishing services to our customer’s order requirements."

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